KCVF596E Series

  • Island Mode and Synchronised to Mains Mode operation, Two Functions – One Solution
  • Over/under Frequency
  • Over/Under Voltage
  • Phase Imbalance
  • Triple relay operation
  • Triple indication outputs
  • Adjustable Supervision Delay
The KCVF596E (4-wire) meet the protection requirements for short term parallelling of private generation to mains supply such as defined in G59 recommendations.

It combines under/over frequency, 3-phase under/over voltage and phase imbalance all in one single unit.

Trip points and other adjustments are made either via a hand held controller of via a computer.

Operational mode is controlled by two inputs from the generator and mains breakers. A different set of parameters can be set to allow for protection in both island operation and connected to mains.

An adjustable Supervision delay is fitted to overcome spurious tripping that may occur when synchronising with the mains.

Auxiliary supply and monitored inputs can be from the same source, as shown, or independent (DC).

Trip status is indicated by LED's and open collector outputs.
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