• For panel mounting
  • For use in Industry, Maritime and offshore, Machine Building
TE’s Crompton Instruments Panel Mounted Selector Switches are available as a 4 and 7 position Voltmeter switch, or as a 4 and 5 position Ammeter switch.

A reliable switch that is easy to use, can be used along side the TE’s Crompton Instruments Standard Analogue and Voltmeters range.

Each switch is supplied with numbered annotation (L1, L2, L3) as standard, or coloured annotation is available (RYB) on request.

• Ammeter Switches
• Voltmeter Switches

• Cost effective
• Easy to install
• High protection class

• Compact size
• Reliable design
• Multi pole

• IEC EN 60947-3
• VDE 0660 part 107


  • For panel mounting
  • For use in Industry, Maritime and offshore, Machine Building
  • Switches could be delivered with requested text on plate
Santon switches are suitable for use in direct current systems, installations for higher frequencies, installations on board of ships, mobile installations, in dusty environments or where switching is very infrequent.

They are suitable not only for use as control switches of multiple circuits, or as meter selecting switches, but also for use in main circuits as on load switches, such as motor switches, for operating machines, heating equipment, welding equipment, ovens, lighting equipment etc.

When used normally, Santon switches are maintenance-free. Switches delivered for panel mounting plates. When securing the handle, do not tighten the screw more than is necessary. Always use 2 spanners for bolt and nut connections so that no pressure is exerted on the plastic discs.

Use properly fitting tools and use the following torques as maximum values: for M4  - 1,4 Nm, for M6 -  5 Nm, for M8 - 20 Nm and for M10 -  40 Nm.

The switches must, both during storage and during use, be protected against dust, dirt, agressive fumes and liquids. This needs to be checked from time to time and when doing so, switch fixings and terminal connections should also be verified. The frequency will very much depend upon the intensity of use. It is, however, recommended to have switches that are rarely operated, checked once a year, and when doing so, switched several times.
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