Renewable Energy Solutions

MEGACON offers the best competitive technical solutions for your
renewable energy requirements in the following areas:

Insulation Monitoring and Guards

- Earth Current Measuring
- AC Live and Standby Monitoring
- DC Live Measuring
- Wide range of products

Generator Protection
Generator Control

- Overload and Reverse Protection
- Over Current and Short Circuit Protection
- Built-in Measuring Transducer
- Differential Protection

Current Guards AC & DC

- Motor Overload Protection
- Monitoring of Battery Current  
- Single or 3-Phase Monitoring

Current Transformers

- Wide range of products
- 3-in-one Transformers
- Measuring and Protection Transformers
- Split Transformers
- Mini Clip on Transformer


- DC Din Shunts
- From 10A - 10000A
- Various Output Signals
- Class 0,5

Loss of Mains Protection

- All-in-one unit, the COMPLETE solution
- G59/3 Loss of Mains Protection
- Prevents Islanding
- Supervision Delay and Event log
- User configurable to Single or Three Phase (4-Wire) systems
- Digitally Controlled Operation
- Tamper Proof configuration via the HHP1/HHP2 or via PC (HHP2 only)

Synchronising and Load Sharing

- Combined Syncroscope and check synchroniser
- Manual and automatic synchronisation
- For Paralleling generators
- "SPOT ON" synchronisation - CB closing time compensation

Measuring Transducers

- kW, kVAr, HZ, Volt & Amp transducers (Class 0.1, 0.2 and 0.5)
- For connection to P.L.C.
- Simple set up, ergonomic design

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