Current Guards AC or DC

Megacon deliver a wide range of AC and DC current guards for overload protection for single or three phase generators or motors.

The AC guards detects the true RMS current value and measurement accuracy can be delivered in class 0,5 and class 0,2. The overcurrent and short circuits guards share noticeable features, to mention a few below:

A standard feature in most protective guards helps identify the phase causing an alarm trip.

Predictor - The Active Blackout Preventer
The early warning output enable for generator load reduction or load trip function prior to an anticipated over current or short circuit trip. It can also be used to split up a busbar before any generator trips to prevent a total blackout.

V.A.T.O.R. – VAriable Time Overcurrent Release function
This feature dynamically controls the AC current guards KEC115x/116x/117x or the KCC115x/116x/117x overload relay trip time, to maintain full thermal protection of generators/motors in an overload situation.

Dobell Overload Levels
An alternative to Predictor and VATOR is to have definite time with 2 levels of overcurrent trip. This also allow to set a better trip release related to thermal overcurrent heating of the windings.

Emergency/Harbour Generator Guard
Megacon's KEC115G/116G/117G series are intended for emergency/port generator protection, which in emergency operation only requires the short circuit relay trip generator.

DC Current Guards
Megacon also supply DC Current guards for any battery or hybrid DC application where there the load need to be monitored.
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