Insulation Monitoring and Guards


DC High Voltage Adaptors

Insulation Test Unit

Megacon have a wide range of products for insulation measuring and protection.

The standard for AC monitoring is the "classic" KPM16x series with measuring range 0-1Mohm.

Other ranges are the KPM16x/KPM26x with 0-10Mohm and the KPM165x range with ranges up to 10Gohm. The KPM163x and KPM263x can be fitted with adapters for any voltage up to 6,6kV and the KPM165x range up to 25kV for both single or three phase systems.

Any of the above series can also be delivered for DIN rail mounting as KCM161x, KCM163x or KCM165x.

There is also a series specially for frequency converters, the KPM16xFQ series. These units have average measurement to eliminate any DC spikes in the network.

All the AC series works on both live and "dead" networks and are therefore ideal for standby monitoring of any motor/pumps

For DC insulation monitoring there is the KPM169x family. This family works with any voltage up to 5000VDC with suitable DC voltage adapters. There are 2 standard scales for 12-48VDC systems:
0-30kohm and 0-100kohm. For higher voltage the scaling is 10k to 5Mohm.

All series can also be delivered with an analogue output for remove reading of the insulation level in the network.
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