KRM16xE Series

  • Direct connection up to 690V line voltage, up to 6,6kV with HV adapter for both single or three phase systems
  • Monitoring during both live and standby conditions
  • For use in industrial, marine, offshore installations
  • "Easy view" status presentation
  • Immune to earth capacitance and voltage surges
  • Analogue output proportional to meter reading
  • Adjustable alarm setpoint
The digitally controlled KRM16xE uses the Megacon "IDV" insulation measuring principle and monitors insulation level between a non-grounded (IT) mains and its protective earth.

Unit is AC powered. Only ONE KRM16xE can be connected to each IT-system. The status LED gives the clear safety message:
  • ALARM: Red LED
  • NORMAL: Green LED
Insulation is measured between the AC network and its protective earth. The unit injects a DC measuring signal into the monitored system. The signal flows to ground via the path of the insulation fault, the level of flow indicates the insulation resistance. The measuring accuracy is not influenced by any normal kind of load attached to the AC network.

Unit is fitted with a non-isolated 0-1mA output for local/remote meter reading (optional slave instrument). Alarm relay is a potential free contact. Relay is fail-safe and change state when powered.

A status LED indicator on the KRM16xE informs the service engineer whether or not the equipment is in an Alarm or Normal state at any time.

Trip level are settable under the terminal lid. When the adjustable trip setting is exceeded by the monitored line-earth resistance, the fail-safe relay changes state following a fixed 3 secs. delay period, indicating an alarm condition.

Start of monitoring function is delayed when auxiliary power is switched on (KRM161E: default 5 secs / KRM163E: default 10 secs).

KRM16xE is Megger safe (short time) but will give false reading when megging. Therefore the input terminal must be disconnected before megging the network.

Scale range: 0-1000kΩ - ∞ (>6MΩ)

Direct connection up to 690V line voltage.
Up to 1,4kV via HV adaptor CH163x series.

Download Megacon KRM161x pdf

Scale range: 0-10MΩ -

Direct connection up to 690V line voltage.
Up to 6,6kV via HV adaptor CH163x or AN6,6 series.

Download Megacon KRM161x pdf



KRM161x - Isolated AC Insulation Trip RelayKRM161x
  • Insulation relay for non grounded systems
  • 0-660V Line Voltage. Up to 1400V with HV adapter
  • Non isolated analogue output (C-version)
  • "IDV" measuring principle
KRM161B or KRM161C monitors resultant insulation level between a non-grounded single or three phase AC mains and its protective earth. It can monitor both live or non-live network.

The trip level is factory set and relay will operate after a delay of approximately two seconds. Relay is fail-safe and energises when powered. Link terminal 6 and 10 to make a non-latching relay.
Only ONE KRM16x can be connected to each IT-system.
KRM161B or KRM161C unit uses a superimposed DC monitoring voltage and so only one unit can be connected to each isolated system.

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