RHx Series

RHx - High Voltage DC Adaptor
  • High Voltage Adaptors for KPM169x DC Insulation Guards
  • Up to 1600VDC (up to 5000VDC on request)
  • Limits the measuring output signal to KPM169x series
  • Epoxy filled for electrical insulation
DC Voltage Adapter for use in conjunction with KPM169x series when the monitored DC voltage is higher than 60VDC.

The adapter is a passive resistive/capacity unit  and is potted in polyurethane for electrical safety.

When the adapters is connected to the instrument the maximum voltage output is app. 60VDC.


Type      Voltage range
RH2: min. 60VDC - max. 200VDC
RH4: min. 200VDC - max. 400VDC
RH8: min. 400VDC - max. 800VDC
RH12: min. 800VDC - max. 1200VDC
RH16: min. 1200VDC - max. 1600VDC

DIN rail mounted
RH2, RH4 & RH8: 55 x 110 x 75mm
RH12 & RH16: 100 x 110 x 75mm

Download Megacon CH163-1,4kVAC pdf
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