Current Transformers

Moulded Case Current Transformers Ebony Series Measuring and Protection
The range of Crompton Instruments Ebony current transformers offers wide system current ratings, apertures, busbar and case sizes to suit every application. Manufactured to meet IEC 60044-1:2003 the range benefits include ratio rating from 1/5 to 6000/5, accuracy up to class 0.5, integral terminal cover for safety and multiple mounting options.
The toroidal core and secondary winding is encapsulated by a self-extinguishing polycarbonate moulded case cover providing excellent mechanical strength and electrical insulation. The material is halogen free thus reducing risk of halogen emissions in case of fire. The integral covered secondary terminals offer protection to IP20B and the enclosure is protected to IP40.
Installation options
• Plug in metal feet for wall or base mounting
• Plastic DIN-rail clips for DIN-rail mounting
• Moulded busbar mounting
• Primary copper busbar mounting
• Multi busbar mounting for two busbars
• CT ratios from 1/5 to 6000/5
• Accuracy up to Class 0.5
• Integral terminal cover
• High impact, flame retardant moulded case
• Busbar, DIN-rail or foot mounting options
• Wide range of apertures and case sizes
• Reduction of high currents for ease of metering
• Long product life
• 2006/95/EC
• BS EN 61010-1
• EC 60044-1
• UL Recognized file no: E257877 (MA5Y, M55E, M53J, M63N, M93L, MB5D, MB5Z only)
A Guide to Current Transformers
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