Loss of Mains Protection
All size of power plants that are connected to a Main Distribution Network are required to have a Loss of Mains Protection device. Loss of Mains protection units helps to detect faults or loss of supply in the Network and insure safety operation by disconnecting the power plant from the Network when a fault occurs.

The Loss of Mains protection unit can also protect the generators against damage from a non-synchronised reconnection of the grid power after shorts temporally mains failures.

To meet the changing requirements for generators supplying power to the main grid, Megacon have revisited the problem to provide universal solutions in the most straightforward way. The Megacon range consists of protective relays for all applications.
Loss of Mains Protection Unit KCG593x/594x
Long term
parallel of generators to mains requiring only R.O.C.O.F. and Vector Shift.

Loss of Mains Protection Unit KCG597E/598E
Long term
parallel of generators to mains requiring all required Loss of Mains functions.

Cogeneration Protection Unit KCG595E/596E
Long term parallel of generators to mains requiring both voltage and frequency protection together with Loss of Mains Protection. Syncronised to Mains Mode and Island Mode. "Two functions - One Solution"

Supply Protection Unit KCVF595 & KCVF596
Short term parallel of generators to mains requiring only voltage and frequency protection. Island Mode and Syncronised to Mains Mode. "Two functions - One Solution"

Hand held Programmer Unit
Use Your PC or the user friendly Hand held Programmer - HHP1 and HHP2 for programming of KCVF59x and KCG59x series.

Firmware Updater for KCG59x series
HPD1 provides simple and convenient updating of pre-installed KCG59x Loss of Mains protection equipment to comply with G99 guidelines.

G99 Issue 1 - Amendment 4
As Default, the Vector Shift is deactivated for G99 applications. The KCG59x accommodates the new Distribution Code Review Panel's proposal for Vector Shift immunity up to 50°.

Enhanced ROCOF protection now provides adjustable averaging filter and 500ms delay for full compliance with G99 Issue 1 - Amendment 4 due to come into effect on 27 April 2019.
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