MEGACON - Innovators in Electrical Protection and Control

is a major designer, manufacturer and international supplier of high-tech electronic products for industrial, mobile, marine, offshore, subsea or seabed applications.

MEGACON is an international group of fully owned and associated companies, who in partnership bring together their commercial and multi-disciplinary technical competence, experience and knowledge to design, manufacture and market innovative electronic products.

Megacon is founded 1974 in Bergen, Norway by Asbjørn Geber. Private ownership and financial freedom guarantees Megacon's integrity, confidentiality and ethical handling of any project. The Group's operation and its product and marketing strategy are co-ordinated by Megacon's head office in Norway.

MEGACON offer the best competitive technical solutions for your requirements in following areas:
  • Power Generation and Distribution
  • Monitoring and Alarm
  • Earth Fault and Insulation Condition Monitoring
  • Analogue and Digital Signal Processing
  • Generator Protection and Control
  • Power Management Systems
  • Power Plant Control and Automation
  • Baseload and Import/Export Control
  • Synchronising and Load Sharing
  • Cogeneration Protection
  • Loss of Mains Protection
  • Earth Fault Protection
  • Insulation Monitoring
  • Safety Transformers for Hospitals
  • Switchboard Instrumentation
  • Protective Guards
  • Measuring Transducers
  • Temperature Protection
  • Multifunction Guards
  • Current Transformers
  • SCADA Systems
  • Power and Test Equipments
  • Engineering solutions
Innovation Beyond Tradition
The Company motto Innovation Beyond Tradition continues to inspire lateral thinking resulting in trendsetting new Megacon products - where we go, others can only follow! Committed to getting people, ideas and technology moving, Megacon invests over 20% of turnover into basic development and product design.
Single Sourcing
The front design of all panel mounted Megacon DIN96 control instruments, protective guards, diesel generator controllers, alarm units, switchboard instruments and other units, matches each other to give the switchboard a neat and uniform appearance. Together with a complete range of general and special switchboard instrumentation Megacon provides a one-stop shop for a cost-efficient total package for protection, monitoring, control and instrumentation.
Made To Measure
Megacon's engineering resources allows us to work closely with customers to produce tailored solutions to a wide range of problems and tasks. This may be new design or redesign of a product or system, advise on adaptation of existing technology or project management during all phases of planning, engineering, specifying, manufacturing, testing and commissioning, saving customer man-hours. Information pertaining to any customer project is held confidential and even the dissemination of information within the Megacon organisation is limited on a need-to-know basis.
Dialouge With Customers
Megacon acknowledge the importance of continuous dialogue with customers on technological topics and trends. Seminars at either our facilities or customers premises are therefore useful to both parties, as question and answer sessions help us to look at "real" problems. By working closely with our customers we can gain their trust in our unique engineering experience in the power and electronic industry.
Megacon Partners
MEGACON co-operates with prominet outside technological partners and marketing partners in lasting alliances. MEGACON and partners are pooling their engineering, manufacturing and marketing resources together, in order to expand the international presence as a "one-stop shop", and to retain the competitive edge of all product ranges, even in the most price-conscious market segments.
Megacon is "local" in many areas of the world. Whichever local authorised Megacon distributor you choose you are assured of a consistent standard of service throughout.
On-site Testing and Commissioning
Megacon understand that our products are always used as part of a system. For this reason, all our site engineers are familiar, not only with our own extensive range, but also with most types of prime mover, alternators, AVR's, speed controllers etc. We also understand that not all testing can be arranged during the normal working day and our flexibility allows us to meet all reasonably requests. To ensure a smooth, quick and cost efficient commissioning and testing of any system Megacon will liase with site engineers to ensure all pre-commissioning tests have been completed prior to site attendance by Megacon personnel.
Off The Shelf Deliveries
The central stock in Bergen can supply the majority of MEGACON standard products within 24 hours, fully customised for its application. Records of individual test certificates for each Megacon product supplied since 1978 are on file, to help us immediately identify a product and provide detailed data for any spare, replacement or modification requirement.
Research and Development
Megacon’s research teams develop all Megacon products.
Megacon’s factories manufacture all Megacon products.
Megacon HelpPoint is here to help you. It provides access to Megacon engineers with specialist knowledge, and may be especially useful when you plan your next project.
Megacon (Head Office)
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NO-5153 Bønes
Tel: 47 55 11 75 10
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Tel: 44 (0) 1326 212371
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Megacon (Head Office) in Norway
Tel: 47 55 11 75 10

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