Earth Fault Monitoring and Guards
Earth Fault Indicator
Impedance Module

The range of products for earth fault monitoring covers both grounded and ungrounded systems.

And both Restricted and Unrestricted earth fault protection. The difference between restricted and unrestricted earth fault is the location of the neutral grounding point (PE). When combined with a suitable Core Balanced Current Transformer the KPM162x/362x/363x or the KCM162x/362x/363x can be used in either application.

Unrestricted network can be TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S or TT Network. Please see the datasheet for further details.

They can also be used in IT networks but since that is a ungrounded system a impedance module is needed to detect the first earth fault location and value. 

A wide range of C.B.C.T can be used together with the earth fault instruments, both circular and rectangle types.
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