KRM162x Series

KRM162x - Earth Leakage Trip Relay AC
  • Earth leakage relay for earthed AC systems
  • Non isolated analogue output (C-version)
  • "RCT" measuring principle
The KRM162B or KRM162C measures the insulation, directly in milliamps, of earthed AC systems. But it can also be used in IT-systems together with a constant impedance module type MML150xx.

The instrument is fed from a suitable Core Balance current transformer (CBCT see separate datasheet).

Standard relay has a 0-150mA range with a factory set trip level of 100mA.

Larger ranges and trip levels  are available, typically ranges is 0-500mA, 0-1A, 0-2A, 0-5A and 0-10A.
Relay is fail-safe and energises when powered. Link terminal 6 and 10 to make a non-latching relay.
All current carrying conductors must pass through the core balance CT. Metal sheaths or braiding on any cables must NOT be passed through the CBCT.
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