HPD1 Series

Firmware Updater for KCG59x
  • Handheld firmware update programmer for KCG59x
  • Optional auto-setting of ROCOF/VS compliance parameters
  • Optional auto-setting of G99 LV or HV parameters (230, 110V)
  • Self-contained, no connection to computer required
  • Self-powered from KCG59x - no batteries required
  • LEDs display status of KCG59x firmware revision
  • Update is performed by a single button press
  • Simplest way to achieve 1Hzs-1 / 500ms ROCOF compliance on existing installations

The HPD1 connects to the KCG59x "Comport" interface via a RJ45 lead and is powered from the KCG59x internal low voltage supply rail. The device is "hot pluggable", i.e. the KCG59x does not need to be powered down before connecting. The update code is stored internally within the device and there is no requirement for a PC or laptop when updating.

LED indicators show the status of the equipment and whether the firmware currently installed in the connected KCG59x is older, newer or the same revision as that stored in the programmer.

Installation of the new ENA (Energy Network Association) compliant firmware is accomplished by a single press of the button marked "UPDATE". Optional ROCOF/VS or full LV or HV G99 parameters can be automatically programmed at the same time.

Future firmware updates can be loaded onto the device via a plug-n-play USB connection. Windows software is included to interrogate the programmer and replace the stored code with a later revision which will be downloadable from the Megacon website.

For old Windows XP machines, the software requires .NET Framework 4.0 to be installed.
This is available as a redistributable stand-alone installer from:


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