KCG596E Series

  • All-in-one unit, the COMPLETE solution
  • G99 Loss of Mains Protection
  • Generator Island Protection
  • Synchronisation Enable Control
  • Supervision Delay and Event Log
  • User configurable to Single or Three Phase (4-wire) systems
  • Complies with the new G99 for ROCOF protection (Vector shift is deactivated)
  • Tamper Proof configuration via the HHP1, HHP2 or via PC (HHP2 only)
The fully self-contained KCG596E provides precision generator island protection as well as protection against malfunction and human and operational hazards under loss ofmains conditions for either single phase or three phase 4-wire systems.
The DIN rail mounted digitally controlled unit meets the protection requirements for generators connected to mains supply, such as defined in the G99 and similar recommendations.

Less wiring, no extra modules. Operating mode is selected by simple auxiliary contacts on the generator breaker and on the mains breaker. LEDs and open collector outputs indicate operating mode and "First Up" cause of trip.

State-of-the-art digital technology throughout, with quartz-controlled Loss of Mains detection. True RMS measurements.

Loss of Mains Protection         
KCG596E will provide the following protection:
    • 2 stage Over and Under Voltage
    • 2 stage Over and Under Frequency
    • Rate of Change of Frequency  (ROCOF, df/dt)
    • Vector Shift (step phase angle) (see note below)
    • Voltage Imbalance
    • Loss of Phase (<50ms, any phase <20V)
      Generator Island Protection
      KCG596E will provide the following protection:
      • Over and Under Voltage
      • Voltage Imbalance
      • Over and Under Frequency
      Synchronisation Enable Function      
      KCG596E also includes a synchronisation enable relay output, which will safeguard that the generator voltage and frequency are within the generator island mode set-points prior to synchronising to busbar or to mains.

      As Default, the Vector Shift is deactivated for G99 applications. The KCG59x accommodates the new Distribution Code Review Panel's proposal for Vector Shift immunity.

      Enhanced ROCOF protection now provides adjustable averaging filter and 500ms delay for full compliance with the new G99 standard.
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