KCVF594 Series

  • High an Low Voltage Alarms
  • High and Low Frequency Alarms
The KCVF594 is a fully self contained "All in One" instrument which measures and monitors both voltage and frequency in AC power systems. The instrument has been designed to meet the G59 requirements for under and over voltage and frequency protection.

Model KCVF594 is designed for three phase, four wire systems

Voltage and Frequency limits can be adjusted by potentiometers mounted on the front of the instrument. Each model has three possible nominal voltage settings – e.g. 380, 400 and 415V which are selected by switches under the cover.

The appropriate RED "tripped" LED is illuminated on a first up principle when the pre-set voltage or frequency limit is exceeded. The trip relay is fail safe and will de-energise instantaneously on operation (maximum 300 milliseconds). Following a fault operation the relays latch and can be reset by an external inhibit/reset switch.

Repeater open collector transistor outputs are provided for remote indication or annunciation purposes.
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