KEC112x Series

  • Generator Overcurrent Protection with definite time trip delay
  • Two individually settable overcurrent relays
  • "Pathfinder" function eases faultfinding
  • Triple relay operation give more flexibility
  • For use with 1A or 5A current transformers
  • Optional fast analogue output, <50mS)
  • Independent ammeter with full current scale
    KEC112x series provides overcurrent guard for overload protection of AC generators, motors, transformers etc. for alarms or tripping of non-essential load or breaker.

    True RMS measurement not affected by heavily distorted waveforms provides highest up precision (1.0%) protection. Less than 50mS overcurrent detection.

    User settable trip levels and delays. Colour of LEDs indicates alarm status. LEDs flash during count-down.

    The independent class 1,5 moving iron ammeter input (term. 26 & 27) MUST be externally connected in serie with one of the C.T. inputs OR via an external selector switch to read phase current.

    Fast response analogue output signal proportional to a range (KEC112F & KEC112GF).

    The DIN96 instrument reads the current level directly in Ampere. The ammeter and the triple-zone status LEDs at a glance gives the clear safety message:
    • NORMAL
    Full Load Current adjustment (FLC)
    The FLC potmeter (Pot.5) adjust the 100% alarm level O/C1 and O/C2 from 50-100% of the Full Scale Deflection (FSD).

    Pathfinder Function
    The "Pathfinder" (only on latching models) indicates the phase causing the trip by flashing pattern of the relevant LED. When either short circuit or over current trips have operated the relevant LED will flash in the following pattern to indicate the phase producing the trip.

    The unit meets EN 61010-1 Cat. III, Pollution degree 2 and the relevant environmental and EMC tests specified in EN 61326-2-4 to comply with the requirements of the major Classification Societies.

    KEC112E - KEC112F & KEC112G - KEC112GF
    R1 energises when trip level one (Overcurrent 1) is exceeded and R2 trips when trip level two (Overcurrent 2) is exceeded.

    R3 is an extra status relay that energises if either alarm relay 1 or 2 is active and can be used for local indication, PMS input, alarm system input etc.
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