KOC114x Series

  • Over current and under current protection with definite time trip relays release
  • Two individually settable differential relays
  • The Pathfinder function eases faultfinding
  • Triple relay operation give more flexibility
  • For use with 1A or 5A current transformers
  • Up to two individual very fast analogue output signals (<50mS), (optiona)
  • DIN96 Slave Indicator with full current scale (optional)
KOC114x provides accurate current monitoring and protection of any three phase AC load like motors, steering gear supply, transformers etc. for alarms or tripping of non-essential loads or breaker.
True RMS measurement not affected by heavily distorted waveforms provides highest up precision (1.0%) protection.

The standard models takes the auxiliary supply voltage from the monitored voltage (terminal 1 & 2).

It can also be delivered with optional separate DC auxiliary voltage (terminal 26 & 27), but that must be specified when ordering.
User settable trip levels and delays. Colour of LEDs indicates alarm status. Alarm LEDs flash during count-down.

On non-latching units the adjustable hysteresis can be used for reinstating disconnected loads when current levels fall.

Up to two individual very fast analogue output signals (optional) proportional to range (see page 2 for models with outputs). The analogue output is isolated from the CT and auxiliary power.

Relay operation depends on the selected model (see page 2). Other combinations are available on request.

Pathfinder Function
The Pathfinder (only on latching models) indicates the phase causing the trip by flashing pattern of the relevant LED. When either short circuit or over current trips have operated the relevant LED will flash in the following pattern to indicate the phase producing the trip.


KOC114E - KOC114FA - KOC114FB - KOC114G - KOC114GFA - KOC114GFB
R1 energises when current is below trip level one (Low) and R2 trips when trip level two (High) is exceeded. R3 is an extra status relay that energises if either alarm relay 1 or 2 is active and can be used for local indication, PMS input, alarm system input etc.

A trip LED flashes when the trip level is passed, the relay trips when the delay has elapsed. The timer resets if the fault is removed during countdown. The High/Low relays can be used to regulate power in AC systems.


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