KSP34x Series

  • Correct Phase Sequence
  • Reversed Phase Sequence
  • Supply Line Voltage Imbalance
  • Loss of a Supply Phase Voltage
KSP34E2 protects and safeguards personnel and equipment against injury and damage due to reversed rotation, and is a must for ship’s shore connection, mobile installations and non-permanent installations. KSP34E2 is to be connected to the supply line voltages.

The KSP34E2 is a moving iron voltmeter incorporating a phase sequence and phase failure trip relay.

The voltmeter can be connected permanently to any one line voltage or via a selector switch to measure all three line voltages.
LEDs indicate the phase sequence (direction of rotation), supply failure or voltage imbalance:
- Green: Correct Rotation
- Red: Reversed Rotation/Supply Failure*
- Red: Voltage Imbalance
The trip relay can be used for alarm purposes or to control automatic phase sequence correction relays.

KSP34E2 is insensitive to regenerative power loads, and is designed to function with both loaded and unloaded motors, regenerative four-quadrant drive systems etc.

The unit does not respond to voltage imbalance within the specified line voltage range.

Since unit is powered from terminal 1& 2, a supply failure of L1 or L2 will be indicated when all LED’s are off. The output relay will have correct status.

The unit meets IEC60092-504 and the relevant environmental and EMC tests specified in IEC60068/60092 and IEC61000/60533 respectively, to comply with the requirements of the major Classification Societies.
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