KCM165K Serie
  • Direct connection up to 690V line voltage, up to 25kV with HV adapter for both single or three phase systems, continuos standby monitoring for motors, pumps etc.
  • For use in land, marine, offshore, sub-sea and ocean floor Installations
  • Complies with IMCA D 045 Code of Practice
  • Triple-zone insulation monitoring
  • "Megger" - safe to 1,4kVDC when aux power is OFF
  • Parallelling Disable Function
  • Immune to earth capacitance
  • Analogue output proportional to meter reading
  • Optional slave indicator
The digitally controlled KCM165K monitors insulation level between a non-live non-grounded (IT) AC system and its protective earth. This unit is used for marine, offshore, seabed and down hole installations for megging in standby position.

An AC or DC auxiliary voltage is required for the unit. Only ONE KCM16K can be connected to each IT-system.

The ohmmeter and the triple-zone status LEDs give at a glance the clear safety message:
Insulation is measured between the complete galvanically interconnected AC network and its protective earth.

The unit injects a 15VDC measuring signal into the monitored system. The signal flows to ground via the path of the insulation fault, the level of flow indicates the insulation resistance. The measuring accuracy is not influenced by any normal kind of load attached to the AC network. The KPM165K measures all phases just by connection to either line or neutral point.

Start of monitoring function is delayed when auxiliary power is switched on (default 30 secs delay) to avoid false reading caused by initial charging of network spread capacitance. If powered from separate source there can be a stabilizing time if there is network spread capacitance.

When auxiliary power is OFF the unit input is automatically protected against "megger" test voltages up to 1.4kVDC, and incorrect measurements caused by the unit’s input impedance are avoided.

The unit has C/O relay outputs for Warning and Alarm. The Alarm relays are fail to safety configured. A trip LED flashes when the trip level is passed, the relay trips when the delay has elapsed. The timer resets if the fault is removed during countdown. Trip levels and delays are settable on unit front.

The unit is supplied with an isolated analogue output proportional to insulation level. If output is used for remote meter reading, we recommend 0-1mA for the slave indicator.

To protect the KCM165K and personnel against high voltage exposure a voltage adapter is needed for line-voltage above 690V.
The KCM165K range is designed to comply with specification IMCA D 045 "Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Electricity Under Water" issued by IMCA.

The unit meets IEC60092-504 and the relevant environmental and EMC tests specified in IEC60068/60092 and IEC61000/60533 respectively, to comply with the requirements of the major Classification Societies.

KCM165K has a built-in Assistance tool for setting/verification of the trip levels and the analogue output.

When either the Warning or Alarm potmeter on the front is operated by user, the slave meter goes into Assistance Mode and meter reading and analogue output will reflect the potmeter setting.
Reset / Parallelling Disable Function
KCM165K has a built-in disable function (available only when DC Aux. Supply is applied). When connecting two or more IT-networks together only one unit can be active, the other(s) must be disabled. When unit is disabled the power led will flash every 2 seconds to indicate that unit is inactive.
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