ISOPAK1xx Series
  • 24 channel earth leakage monitoring of LIVE AC networks
  • Tailored to any voltage or current range
  • Reads each channel's RMS leakage. Range 100mA to 10A
  • Set parameters and view on unit screen
  • Optional supervision module and slave unit
  • Healthy/Warning/Alarm and Supervision C/O relay outputs
  • "Highest up" 4-20mA signal & RS-485 Modbus RTU outputs
The digitally controlled ISOPAK1xx adds to Megacon's wide range of ISOGUARD products for insulation and earth fault monitoring and protection.

The ISOPAK1xx technology is also used in Megacon's IsoMedical and IsoSubsea systems for monitoring of ultra-safe AC supply systems in hospital and subsea installations respectively.

ISOPAK1xx can be configured for operation in FLOATING and GROUNDED single phase, 3-wire and 4 wire three phase AC networks. The measuring range is factory pre-programmed.

"Highest up function" gives peace-of-mind
The purpose of ISOPAK1xx is to selectively detect and address earth faults in live 50 or 60 Hz networks. An intelligent highest up function highlights the highest level of hazard in the system, and only alerts the operator when conditions for an impending danger are present.

The LED bargraph meter continuously displays the earth current of the highest channel in the system at any time, as a percentage of the channel's set trip level. This silent annunciation will not distract the operator's attention, but at any time a glance at the colour of the bar reveals the present safety status of the whole system.

The Modbus communication port provides information on each channel’s measured data and safety status:
  • Warning flags
  • Alarm flags
  • Individual channel measured data
  • "Highest Up" channel
Multiple parallelled ISOPAK1xx
Any number of ISOPAK1xx may be parallelled in a chain with a common master PC, to supervise and log any number of channels and networks.

ISOPAK models:
ISOPAK106 (6 channels)
ISOPAK112 (12 channels)
ISOPAK118 (18 channels)
ISOPAK124 (24 channels)

ISOPAK models:
ISOPAK106W (6 channels)
ISOPAK112W (12 channels)
ISOPAK118W (18 channels)
ISOPAK124W (24 channels)

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