Portable Analysers
Alpha Moisture Systems' range of portable hygrometers and dewpoint analysers have been designed with the requirements of the industrial user in mind. All instruments are fully self-contained and combine robust construction with microprocessor based electronics, to ensure that they consistently provide the operator with accurate and repeatable results.
The user friendly range of instruments all incorporate the unique Desiccant Dry-Down Chamber assembly, which enables the operator to obtain instantaneous readings in either the field or laboratory. Designed to operate using universally available standard batteries, the analysers can be continuously used in excess of 250 hours. Combining robust construction of high quality, fully interchangeable sensor technology and full after sales support, the portable analysers are guaranteed to provide a long and reliable service.
All portable analysers are supplied ready for use with batteries installed, calibration certificate traceable to National and International Humidity Standards, two metres of sampling hose and detailed instruction manual. Contact us for further information.

The key to the operation of Alpha Moisture Systems' Portable Analysers is the unique Desiccant Dry-Down Chamber. By keeping the sensor dry between tests, the special assembly of the head ensures that the instrument is always ready for immediate use.
The head assembly consists of two chambers which have a telescopic action. When the head assembly is in the 'closed' or 'Dry-Down' position, the sensor is completely surrounded by desiccant, which absorbs the remaining water moisture from the sensor and hence it is dry and ready for use. The small space at the bottom of the test chamber enables the sample pipe to be purged before the test commences without wetting the sensor. By placing a finger over the outlet of the head, the sample pressure is able to open the test chamber automatically, exposing the sensor to the gas being tested and enabling accurate reading of moisture content in the sample gas.
After each test the head assembly is closed by depressing the inner section so that the sensor will again be dried by the desiccant, leaving the sensor ready for use time and time again. The desiccant is kept in the inner chamber and is not exposed to ambient room air or the sample gas, therefore there is no need for frequent regeneration or replacement of the desiccant.
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