SADPmini2 Series
SADPmini2 - Portable Digital Hygrometer

 The SADPmini2 is the next generation of Hand Held Dewpoint Meters.
 Fast Repeatable Accurate Measurements.
  • Full colour graphical display showing multiple units simultaneously.
  • Desiccant Dry-Down Chamber for faster response by keeping sensor dry between tests.
  • AutoCal Span Correction, for optimum accuracy between laboratory calibrations.
  • Measurement units selectable in ºC or ºF dewpoint, ppm(v), ppm(w), g/m3 or lb/MMSCF.
  • User selectable display in choice of 10 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese & Korean.
  • Integral pressure calculator to display pressure dewpoints.
  • Easy to use, with icons, intuitive control and latest user interface.
  • Compact ergonomic design with a strong, durable and rugged body.
  • Rechargeable batteries, allowing in excess of 150 hours use in continuous operation.
  • USB connectivity for charging, configuration & data upload/download to pc or laptop.
  • SD micro-card installed for data and settings backup, user manual retrieval and calibration history.
  • User ability to update latest firmware from factory.
  • Includes Certificate of Test & Calibration, referenced to National & International Standards NPL/NIST.

  • Flexible programming for Data Logging with capacity in excess of 300,000 values.
  • Real time logging/graphing of results with Quick Log and Snapshot features.
  • Wireless Bluetooth & USB connectivity for configuration & data upload/download to pc or laptop.
  • View display screen on smart phone, or tablet, via mobile App.
  • Wirelessly print results to dedicated Bluetooth printer.

Introducing the latest development in portable moisture measurement, the SADPmini2 Hand Held Dewpoint Meter, from Alpha Moisture Systems. The SADPmini2 is the industry's latest addition for 2018 for measuring moisture content, or dewpoint in gases and compressed air.

This latest technology, functionality and software ensures ease and speed of use for rapid spot checks of moisture in gases. With various ranges available between -120ºC to +20ºC (-184ºF to +68ºF) dewpoint, the SADPmini2 is the most versatile portable hand held dewpoint hygrometer available for rapid spot checks of trace moisture content, or dewpoint, in most gases.

The ultra-high capacitance aluminium oxide dewpoint sensor in the SADPmini2 gives unsurpassed sensitivity, speed of response, repeatability and stability in a fully self-contained IP66 (NEMA4X) compact design.

Connection to a Desktop PC or Laptop via USB allows the user to charge the instrument battery/cell and modify any configurations using the User Tool software. The optional logging (Type L) package adds Bluetooth communication together with logging and graphics capabilities.

The unique innovative keypad design allows quick, intuitive selection of the versatile features incorporated within the SADPmini2 and modification of all set up choices. The full colour LCD display shows the measurement in two, independently selectable units simultaneously, together with a linear analogue scale for the main unit chosen.

A single button press allows real time graphical display of process readings, which can be printed to the BTP01 Blutooth Printer, saved to the micro SD card or downloaded to the PC/Laptop using the USB or Bluetooth function.

Available as:
SADPmini2 Standard (No logging. No Bluetooth)
SADPmini2 Logger (With logging. With Bluetooth).

Also Available for Hazardous areas:
Model SADPmini2-Ex (ATEX, cULus listed and IECEx Certified) for hazardous area applications

Accessories available:
BTP01 Bluetooth Printer
PSS - Portable Sample System

Compare the new functions of SADPmini2 to the previous Model here.
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