KCT3x Series

KCT3x - Three channel Temperature Protection Relay for use with PT100 inputs
  • Three pt100 inputs, 2 or 3 wire
  • Three independent trip relays
  • LED indication of trip operation
  • Three analogue outputs 
The KCT3x temperature monitoring relay incorporates a three channel converter, three adjustable trip output relays and up to three separate analogue outputs.

With all variations of the KCT3x the input configuration is constant in that up to three inputs are available. If only two channels are required then the third input is easily linked out.

The flexibility of this instrument is in its output capabilities. The unit can have up to three relays and three analogue outputs. The inputs may be subdivided into groups of varying temperature ranges as required. An optional fourth relay is available to special order.

Four customers adjustable DIL switches control the output relays. Three switches are used to change each relay so that they either energise or de-energise on alarm. A fourth switch determines if relay "C" is latching or non-latching.

Typical Configurations
  • KCT31
    The three inputs are connected to a common bus with the three output relays operating on the highest input. A single milliamp output relative to the highest input.
  • KCT32
    The three inputs are grouped with two inputs to one channel and the third input to a second channel. One relay output and one analogue output relative to each grouping.
  • KCT33
    The three inputs each have an individual channel with one relay output and one analogue output.
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