KPM303x Series

  • 3-channel Temperatur Guard for PT-100 element (RTD)
  • 2, 3 or 4-wire PT 100 connection via external converter
  • Triple relay for more flexibility
  • A wide range of scaling available
  • One fast  analogue output (<50mS), F-versions
The KPM303x is a digitally controlled temperature guard/controller for monitoring of temperature of machine bearings, windings etc. The warning relay can be used to trip non-essential load or start a cooling fan and the alarm relay may be used to trip the total load. KPM303x can be scaled for a wide variation of ranges between -150 and up to 850 Degrees Celsius or to a Fahrenheit scale.

An AC or DC auxiliary voltage is required for the unit. A green LED indicates POWER on. Start of monitoring function is delayed when power is switched on (default 2 secs delay). In this way false tripping during power up is avoided.

The precision DIN96 moving coil meter reads the monitored parameter, and has low-reflection glass to ease reading at a distance.

The triple-zone status LEDs at a glance gives the clear safety message:
        - ALARM
        - WARNING
        - NORMAL

KPM303C is the standard version with no analogue output. The optional F-versions has an isolated analogue output signal proportional to meter deflection.
The units three C/O relay outputs and trip levels and trip delays are user settable on unit rear to suit most applications.

Relay trip lamps (Red LED) flash instantly (approx. 1 flash per second) when the trip level is passed, the relay trips after elapsed delay. The lamp changes state and the trip relay operates after the pre-set delay. If a trip condition ends during the delay interval, the timer will automatically reset.

As standard the unit is supplied for automatic reset. Manual reset (latching relays) is optional (All G-versions).
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