MEGACON - Innovators in Electrical Protection and Control

MEGACON is a major designer, manufacturer and international supplier of high-tech electronic products for industrial, mobile, marine, offshore, subsea or seabed applications.
MEGACON offer the best competitive technical solutions for your requirements in following areas:
- Generator Protection and Control
- Power Management Systems
- Power Plant Control and Automation
- Baseload and Import/Export Control
- Synchronising and Load Sharing
- Cogeneration Protection
- Loss of Mains Protection
- Earth Fault Protection
- Insulation Monitoring
- Safety Transformers for Hospitals
- Switchboard Instrumentation
- Analogue & Digital Signal Processing
- Monitoring and Alarm
- Protective Guards
- Measuring Transducers
- Temperature Protection
- Multifunction Guards
- SCADA Systems
- Current Transformers
- Engineering solutions




Insulation Guard for IT-NetworksKPM16x
with Frequency Converters

Insulation Guard for IT-Networks
with Frequency Converters

Portable 3-Phase
Power Test Simulator

Portable Single Phase
Power Test Simulator

KRM16xEInsulation Relay for
AC Systems

Frequency Transducers (Hz)
  Precision true RMS
Class 0.2

Current Transducers (A)
  Precision true RMS
Class 0.2

Power Transducers (kW)
  Precision true RMS
Class 0.2

Portable 24VDC Earth Leakage Detector

Portable 24VDC and 110-690VAC
Earth Leakage Detector

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