PAQ96C-RU series with Built-In Backlight

Rudder Angle Indicators with Built-In Backlight
  • DIN96 Indicators for bridge mounting
  • With built-in 24VDC Backlight
  • Customer made scales, -50/0/+50 as standard
  • Maximum reliability in harsh environments
  • Built-in potmeter for adjustment of meter deflection
  • External light dimmer (Optional)
In the PA96C-RU rudder angle indicator series we offer different scales with built-in backlight.

The standard scale is white with black writing /numbers, but it can also be supplied with black scale and yellow numbers. On both types the starboard side have green sector and port side have red sector.

The instruments are precision engineered and robust in design, ensuring accurate measurement and display in the most common environments.

For bridge mounting and easy access to dimmer control, the PAQ96C-RU rudder angle indicator series can be supplied with external potentiometer for brightness adjustment (optional).

These rudder angle indicators also come with external adjustment for the meter deflection so it can be fine adjusted during installation.

  • Class 1,5
  • 96 x 96mm (PAQ96C-RU)
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