BZW48 and BZG48 Series

Hourmeters AC & DC
General features
The Gruner brand Hourmeters for alternating and direct current are used to measure the running time of machines, equipment and systems which are operated by AC or DC.

Reason for measuring the running time include: guarantee or warranty periods, maintenance intervals, machine utilization and determination or costs.

The hour meter can be installed into panels with a cut-out of 45,5 mm square or 50,5 (2”) round. The panel thickness can be from 0mm to 12mm. When mounting the hour meter into a circular panel cut-out, a 55mm or 72mm square bezel is required.

With socket S can the hour meter be used in a DIN rail flange DIN46277-3 or with 2 screw fiting. BZW48 can also be supplied with glued front for better housing protection.
Technical characteristics
  • Counting ranges: 5pcs hours + 1/10 & 1/100 hours (99999.99)
  • Maximum time: 100000 hours
  • Operation accuracy:
    AC: Mains synchronous
    DC: Quartz
  • Ambient temperature: -20...+60°C
  • Voltage tolerance: ±15%
  • Power consumption: 1VA, 0,5W
  • Connection: Screw terminals or fast-on 6,3mm
  • Mounting: Square 45x45mm
    Round 50mm (square bezel is required)
  • Norms: UL, CSA
Hour meters
  • BZW48/2E 24V 50Hz
  • BZW48/2E 110V 50Hz
  • BZW48/2E 230V 50Hz
  • BZW48/2E 230V 50Hz glued front
  • BZW48/2E 400V 50Hz
  • BZW48/2E 24V 60Hz
  • BZW48/2E 48V 60Hz
  • BZW48/2E 110V 60Hz
  • BZW48/2E 230V 60Hz
  • BZW48/2E 230V 60Hz glued front
  • BZW48/2E 400V 60Hz
  • BZG48/2E 24VDC
  • Socket for DIN rail flange:
  • Square bezel:
    F55: 55x55mm
    F72: 72x72mm
  • 48 x 48mm
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