Model 6020 Series
Model 6020 Series - Dewpoint Hygrometer for Gas and Compressed Air
  • Panel mounting (DIN 43700)
  • Advanced functionality giving outstanding user friendly operation
  • A range of sensors covering an overall range between -110°C to +20°C dewpoint (-166°F to +68°F)
  • Accuracy better than ±2°C dewpoint equivalent
  • Issued with a Certificate of Calibration traceable to International Humidity Standards
  • On board pressure dewpoint calculator, including data for Natural Gas
  • “AutoCal” calibration adjustment to maintain accuracy between laboratory calibrations
  • Units selectable for °C dp, °F dp, ppm(v), ppm(wt), gm/m³ or lb/MMSCF
  • Molecular mass pre-loaded for ppm(wt) in common gases, can be entered for other gases
  • Two fully programmable alarms with relays and annunciator LEDs
  • Current output linear for selected units
  • RS485 port for digital output of measured value
  • Large, easy to read, 5-digit LED display
  • Front panel IP54
  • Hot Key functions for rapid access to set alarms and units, can be locked to prevent tamper
  • Ex certified sensors for Hazardous Area use (via Zener barrier in Safe Area)
  • Sensor cable length can be up to 1km
  • Choice of AC or DC powered versions
The Model 6020 is the next level of online dewpoint hygrometers. Based on the well proven, industry leading, ultra-high capacitance aluminium oxide sensor, the Model 6020 is fully loaded with features and functions to make it a most versatile addition to the Alpha Moisture Systems range of trace moisture dewpoint analysers.

With the combination of advanced display electronics, re-designed software and full specification sensors, the Model 6020 dewpoint hygrometer is an excellent choice for a large range of applications including Natural Gas due to its flexibility and highly configurable menu driven options.
90-250V AC Or 24V DC
Output Units
ºC, ºF, ppm(v)
Analogue Outputs
4-20mA or RS485
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