MXR845x2 Series

MXR845x2 - Digitally Controlled Electronic Potentiometer
  • User settable Offset, Span and Response
  • Analogue outputs match any governor
  • PWM output signal, 1khz
  • Instant reset gives full control of engine restart
  • Power capacity limiting function
  • Accuracy within 0.5 milliV and 5μA increments
  • Ultra reliable, no moving part
Designed for use with Megacon synchronising and load sharing units or to give speed reference to any electronic regulator or AVR controllers.

MXR845x2 will accept any volt free input such as push buttons or PLC digital outputs. Offset, Span, Ramp response and 4-step output matching resistance are user setable to suit any specific characteristic. Four output resistance levels are available together with two ramp ranges (rate 1 or 2, see specifications).

The 4-20mA output follows the -2 to 10VDC output on MXR845CI2 and can be used independently or both at the same time. The two outputs are NOT galvanically isolated from each other (see MXR845CI2 Application Notes for further details). Use MXR845DI2 model for -5/0/+5V signal.

The unit is designed for mounting inside the switchboard panel or into a small cabinet with door access. When using the volt signal to the governor it is recommended to have short distance between MXR845x2 and governor due to possible noise problem. Shield cable is preferred. There is no practical restriction of distance when using the mA output signal, however screened cable is recommended.

Cables for connection should be minimum 0,5mm² multithreaded cable. Type of cable will depend on mounting environment and customer specifications.

Precision accuracy and stability within 0.5mV and 5μA increments, even during engine crank brown-out.

Isolated and fully protected outputs. Instant automatic reset gives full control of generator restart. Flame retardant enclosure (UL-94, V1 & V2).

Fit-and-forget reliability. Superiority to motorised potentiometers. No moving parts, no deterioration of performance.

Span range can be set to limit output capacity of engine driven generators paralleled to a constant-frequency source (grid, shaft generator etc.). (See individual regulator interface on the application notes).

The use of the reset input or by removing the auxiliary supply allows the unit to be reset to a fixed point. When used on a generator this allows the engine to be reset to start on nominal speed after a stop. Reset input should be a pulse or a relay signal for engine stopped.

The voltage and milliamp outputs are NOT galvanically isolated from each other. If both outputs are utilised then one must be galvanically isolated externally to the MXR845x2.

Compatible with:
- GAC EDG5500 Interface
- GAC ESD5xxx Interface
- GAC ESG5500 Interface
- Barber Coleman Dyna 1/1068 Interface
- Cummins EFC Interface
- Leroy Somer R448 Interface
- Heinzmann KG series Interface
- Heinzmann Interface
- Woodward 2301A Interface
- Woodward 2301D Interface
- Woodward EPG Interface

DIN Rail mounted, 55mm wide

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