KEV114x Series

  • Generator Over/Under Voltage Guard, not affected by heavily distorted waveform
  • Complies with G59 requirements
  • Independent moving iron voltmeter
  • Integral true RMS transducer
  • Fast analogue output (F-versions)
The digitally controlled KEV114x provides precision protection of single-phase generators, motors, pumps etc.

True RMS measurement not affected by heavily distorted waveforms provides precision (1.0%) protection. Less than 50mS process time. The independent moving iron voltmeter accuracy is class 1,5.

KEV114E, KEV114H, KEV114F & KEV114HF have auxiliary supply from the monitored voltage input, KEV114E2, KEV114H2, KEV114F2 & KEV114HF2 have separate input for auxiliary supply.

High voltage alarm (R1) and Low voltage alarm (R2) operates if either the high or low relays trip.

A timer will reset if fault is removed during count-down. Fixed hysteresis prevents relay "chatter". Full functionality control during power-up/power-down, with 500mS power-out reservoir.

User settable trip levels and delays (definite time delays). Colour of LEDs indicates alarm status. LEDs flash during Count-down.

The unit meets EN 61010-1 Cat. III, Pollution degree 2 and the relevant environmental and EMC tests specified in EN 61326-2-4 to comply with the requirements of the major Classification Societies.

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