• The ISO-pathfinder for 24VDC non-grounded systems
  • Measures earth fault without breaking the loop
  • Only for energised circuits
  • Indicates polarity of leakage
  • 6mm DC clamp for 0,5-120mA range
  • 23mm DC clamp for app. 5mA-4A/30A range
  • Easy operation
The SmartCase-ELD250 is a portable tool for location of ground faults in 24VDC battery systems or on 24V circuits in alarm systems.
The SmartCase-ELD250 can only detect earth leakages in live circuits. All components come in a waterproof and unbreakable Pelicase 1450. 

SmartCase-ELD250 contains:
    - MML2500 main power unit
    - MEGA2506 DC clamp meter (Ø 6mm)
    - MEGA2523 DC clamp meter (Ø 23mm)
    - Cables (1 x Red, 1 x Black & 1 x Yellow/Green, 2m)
    - Crocodile clamp (1 x)
    - Test pins (2 x Grey)

Benefits of using ELD-250
You may use the most advanced alarm and monitoring system to obtain total overview and control. However, unknown insulation grounds fault may give erroneous readings distorting your comfort zone.

Use the ISO-pathfinder ELD-250 to easily map the status of leakage paths to ground, verifying the accuracy of your total system.
MML2500 is a self-powered earth current reference unit giving a feedback loop for the DC clamp sensors to be able to locate first failure. Measured feedback current is limited to approx. 225mA.

Only one circuit can be measured at the time, and default it is set to read positive pole leakage. Operator must press the sense button to check for earth leakage current on the negative pole.

MEGA2506 is a small high resolution clamp meter to detect very low leakage currents from app. 0,5-120mA. The 6mm jaw limits the measured cable dimensions to app. 1,5mm².

MEGA2523 have a 23mm jaw for larger cable dimensions. Mainly use the DC mA range. Measures leakage currents from app. 5-10mA and up.

H: 330mm, W: 406mm, D: 174mm

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