KPC110x Series
  • 2-level AC Current Imbalance Protection
  • True RMS measurement not affected by heavily distorted waveforms
  • 3 or 4-wire systems. Definite time trip delays
  • Fast analogue mA output (F version)
  • Total processing time less than 50mS 
The digitally controlled KPC110x monitor and convert the three current transformer (CT) inputs into a signal proportional to the difference between the HIGHEST and the LOWEST input level.

The difference (imbalance) is displayed as a percentage of the CT rating. 1A secondary class 0.5 transformers should preferably be used. The standard scale range is 0 to 40%CT. The warning and alarm trip relays are settable over the same range.

Relay R1 is used for early warning. R2 (fail safe) can be used for generator breaker trip. R3 can be used for local indication, input to PMS, alarm system etc. Alarm trip must be sufficiently high to ensure that generator magnetisation current does not cause tripping.

The alarm delay is to be set so that the initial inrush current have returned to normal level before the delay period elapses. The warning trip level and delay can be set as required to give early warning.

Fast response analogue output signal proportional to a range (KPC110F & KPC110GF).

User settable trip levels and delays. Colour of LEDs indicate alarm status. LEDs flash during count-down.

The "Pathfinder" (only on latching models) indicates the phase causing the trip by flashing pattern of the relevant LED.

The unit meets EN 61010-1 Cat. III, Pollution degree 2 and the relevant environmental and EMC tests specified in EN 61326-2-4 to comply with the requirements of the major Classification Societies.
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