MT-FW/R Series

  • Combined Frequency (Hz), Active Power (Watt) or Reactive Power (VAr) Transducer for balanced or unbalanced load
  • Precision true RMS class 0,5 (Hz & Watt) and class 1 (VAr) measurement, not affected by any waveform distortion
  • For use with 1A or 5A current transformers
  • Up to two individual very fast analogue output signals (<50mS), (optional)
  • DIN96 Slave Indicators with full power scale (optional)
The digitally controlled PMT-FW/R is a Precision transducer for frequency (Hz) and balanced or unbalanced load system active (Watt) or reactive (VAr).

To be used in applications that require a very fast response, precision monitoring of active and reactive power. Ideal for systems for regulation and control of the load on generators, motors and inverters.

The unit measures the voltage and current true r.m.s. value, and accuracy is independent of any wave form distortion. A green LED (ON) indicates the auxiliary supply presence.

Two individual very fast analogue output signals proportional to Frequency (Hz), the measured Active Power (Watt) or Reactive Power (VAr) level.

If an output is used for remote meter reading, we recommend 0-1mA for the slave indicator.

It also includes an additional RJ12 output for a DIN96 Slave Indicator (optional).

The noise-immune mA output is isolated from both the C.T. and voltage inputs and auxiliary power.

The standard models takes the auxiliary supply voltage from the monitored voltage (terminal 1 & 2).

It can also be delivered with optional separate AC or DC auxiliary voltage (terminal 26 & 27), but that must be specified when ordering.

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