Energy Meter

EM368 - Energy Meter (PF / kW / kVAr / kWh / kVArh / kVAh)
  • DIN 96x96 Standard Format
  • 3Ø Power (Active, Reactive)
  • 3Ø Power Factor
  • Energy (Active, Reactive, Apparent)
  • Programmable CT / PT Primary / Secondary
  • Modbus RTU Communication (RS485) (Optional)
  • Single Isolated Pulse Output
  • Accuracy Class 1
  • Large Clear Display
EM368 is a cost effective panel mount Energy Meter, which has pulsed output and accuracy class 1.

With all the features mentioned above it makes this meter perfect for control panels and switchboards, with an easy to read display and pulsed output this DIN 96 x 96 meter is an ideal choice.

A DIN 96x96 panel mounting Electronic Energy Meter. Easy to install and convenient to use. Equally suitable for both 3 wire and 4 wire 3f unbalanced loads (optionally for single phase or balanced 3f systems), these Meters have been designed to measure accurately irrespective of the type of load - ideal for a motor or heater, or for a modern electronically controlled load.

Safe to Use
With fully isolated current inputs, installation safety is assured. Current input isolation allows these meters to be directly connected under certain conditions and provides versatility of connection. Installation in conjunction with other instrumentation can be carried out safely, without affecting accuracy.

Easy to Configure
EM368 Meters are configured from the front panel to suit installations using Current and/or Voltage Transformers, with decimal point and legend being automatically set to provide optimum resolution.

Pulse Output
The Pulse output can be used for remote counting of consumed energy.

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