KPV14x15 Series

  • Insulation monitoring and earth fault protection of high tension AC network
  • Neutral voltage displacement monitoring
  • "Open delta" measuring principle
  • Triple relay operation gives more flexibility
  • Very fast analogue output signal proportional to meter reading (<50mS), (F-version)

KPV14x15 is a digitally controlled triple zone (two-level) trip relay connected in an "open-delta" configuration. The unit detects changes in the neutral point voltage in a non-grounded high tension network, caused by insulation fault. Often supplied via a step-down transformer.

An auxiliary voltage is required for the unit. A green LED indicates POWER on. Start of monitoring function is delayed when power is switched on (default 2 secs delay). In this way false tripping during power up is avoided. The meter reads the neutral point voltage, and has low-reflection glass to ease reading at a distance. Scale will depend on measuring voltage input and can be customized to nearly any scale.

The triple-zone status LEDs at a glance gives the clear safety message:
The standard E-version has no analogue output. The F-version has an isolated analogue output signal proportional to meter deflection.

The units three C/O relay outputs are configured for Warning trip (R2), Alarm trip (R1) and trip Status (R3). The trip levels and trip delays are user settable on unit rear to suit most applications. The Status relay is fail to safety configured, and operates when either R1 or R2 trips. Operation of the status trip relay is inverted (fail safe), i.e. the relay is energised during normal conditions.

Red relay trip lamps flash instantly (approx. 1 flash per second) on passing a trip. The lamp changes state and the trip relay operates after the pre-set delay. If a trip condition ends during the delay interval, the timer will automatically reset. As standard the unit is supplied for automatic reset.

The unit meets EN 61010-1 Cat. III, Pollution degree 2 and the relevant environmental and EMC tests specified in EN 61326-2-4 to comply with the requirements of the major Classification Societies.

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