For testing of generator guards and protection units

IMA315 is a 3-phase current simulator in the Megacon range of transportable test equipment.
This unit is designed for general testing of Megacon’s or other brands range of protective guards and controllers for generator and power plant automation systems (current, current  differential, overcurrent and short circuit, active (kW) and reactive (VAr) power  etc).
IMA315 has multiple input supply voltage range from 100VAC and up to 690VAC and individual current output, 0-3A & 0-15A for each phase (R - S - T).
  • The phase sequence indicator shows that current outputs have correct sequence. If LED’s shows INCORRECT, please change your input wiring
  • All current outputs are galvanically isolated from the mains supply
  • IMA315 Unit have a cos phi factor of app. 0,75
Phase Sequence
IMA315 is fitted with a phase-sequence indicator. Correct phase sequence is a precondition for measurement of active power and reactive power.   

Each output current terminal's phase reference (R-S-T) and the direction of current flow (K: supply, L: load) is clearly marked.

However, it the input sequence is for example S-T-R, you have the correct phase sequence but output current will also come out in the same sequence  S-T-R.

The current outputs are individually adjustable 0-3A or 0-15A (selectable on selector switch)

Variable Current Output

The maximum current to be drawn from any of the current outputs largely depends on the ohmic resistance of the external current loop. The current terminals are rated 20A, and 4mm plugs may be flipped into the center of the terminal.

Use large size wires for high current levels to reduce ohmic losses. (Recommended wire is minimum 2.5mm²)

Transit / Storage Container
IMA315 is built into a solid Pelicase suitcase P1560M with integrated wheels and handle for easy carriage and safe transport handling.

H: 264mm, W: 455mm, D: 560mm

App. 29kgs
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