Power Plant Control System - micro-PMS for up to 3 generators

An important precondition for reliable shipboard operation is the availability of a dependable electric power supply, capable of meeting the demand under all operating conditions.

A fool proof and easy-to-use programme enables the operator to control the system in relaxed confidence, without fear of unexpected or uncontrolled consequences or plant malfunction to follow.

The mPMS operational principles are NOT controlled by sequence but by course of real time spontaneous or predictable events, in order to optimise reliability and create a safe and functional man/machine interface.

There are several application variation part numbers (contact us for other variations):
  • mPMS205:     2 Gensets     1 busbar & 5 heavy consumers
  • mPMS215:     2 Gensets     2 busbars with a BTB & 5 heavy consumers
  • mPMS305:     3 Gensets     1 busbar & 5 heavy consumers
  • mPMS315:     3 Gensets     2 busbars with a BTB & 5 heavy consumers


Here is a selection of the standard features included in the mPM-System:
  • Load dependent start and stop of diesel generators
  • Frequency control of diesel generators
  • Directional spot-on synchronising with dynamic compensation of breakers closing time for generator breakers and bustie
  • Generator off-loading prior to load free disconnection of generator breakers
  • Easy standby selection
  • Black-out start system
  • Symmetrical kW load sharing between paralleled generators
  • Supervision of power availability for 5 heavy consumers at individual kW-levels
  • kW-monitoring and power reservation for one thruster load included
  • Output for control of shaft generator excitation (magnetisation control)
  • Adjustable load sharing dead zone, regulation speed and response
  • Self-monitoring watchdog. Systems for safety monitoring of internal and external functions and signals
  • Alarm and event log
  • Additional inputs for remote start of standby generator and blocking of load dependant stop

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