MPFx-0,1 Series

  • Single Phase True RMS class 0,1 High Presision Frequency Transducer, not affected by any waveform distortion
  • Ranges 45-55, 55-65 and 45-65Hz
  • Fast analogue output (<50mS)
MPFE-C0,1 is to be used in system that requires very fast response and precision monitoring of frequency. Ideal for regulation and control system that controls the frequency on generators, motors and inverters.

The MPFE is a high precision frequency measuring transducer for AC voltage input. The unit has ONE very fast response (typical 30-45mS) analogue output signal, proportional to the measured frequency level.

Note that the instrument needle is a class 1,5 moving coil.

The analogue output is isolated from voltage inputs and auxiliary power.
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