MCFBx-0,1 Series
  • High Precision Frequency Transducer
  • Precision true RMS class 0,1 measurement, not affected by any waveform distortion
  • Extremely fast response mA output response time (30-50mS)
  • 1500V Galvanic isolation
To be used in applications that require a very fast response, precision monitoring of the frequency. Ideal for systems for regulation and control of the frequency on generators, motors and inverters.

The MCFB2-C0,1 and MCFB3-C0,1 is a precision power frequency measuring transducer for AC voltage input.

MCFB2-C0,1 is the standard product and is self-powered via the monitored voltage input or optional DC auxiliary supply terminals.

MCFB3-C0,1 provides input terminals for separate AC auxiliary supply (refer to connection diagrams below).

The unit has ONE very fast response analogue output signal, proportional to the measured frequency level. The analogue output is isolated from both the CT and voltage inputs and auxiliary power.

It also includes an additional RJ12 output for a DIN96 Slave Indicator (optional).

A green "Supply On" LED indicates the auxiliary supply presence.
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