Integra Ci1 Series

Integra Ci1 kWh / kVArh Energy Meter
The Integra Ci1 energy meter is specially designed and developed as a cost effective watt hour and VAr hour meter to complement the current Crompton Instruments Ci meter series.

The Integra Ci1 self-contained 96mm DIN panel mounted watt hour, VAr hour meter measures the real consumption of active and reactive energy to Class 1.0 accuracy.

The backlit LCD screen displays 8 character counter indicating watt hour or VAr hour units. The optional modules enable transfer of energy measurements to building management systems (BMS) via pulsed or digital communication options.

Programmable functions
The Integra Ci1 energy meter provides simple programming to suit single-phase, three-phase three-wire and three-phase four-wire un-balanced system configurations, CT ratio settings and configuration of selected communication options. To prevent unauthorised access to the product configuration settings, all set-up screens offer password protection.

Plug in modules
Plug in modules allows to fit either maximum of two isolated pulsed output relays or a RS-485 communication module + one isolated pulsed output relay. The communication output module can be programmed internally to respond either to Modbus® RTU or Johnson Controls.

The four push buttons give direct access to display the programmed set CT ratio, watt hours import and export, VAr hours import and export and the phase sequence test routine for both voltage and current phases. During the accumulation of the Wh or VArh the running icon will flash at a rate dependant on the displayed parameter.

Self-explanatory standard international icons on the display allow to read at a glance what parameters are measured and what system configuration (Wh or VAhr) is.
- DIN 96 enclosure
- Backlit LCD screen
- Bezel depth 6.1mm
- Plug-in output modules
- Programmable CT ratio
- User programmable system configuration
- Phase diagnostic indication
- System running indication
- Removable energy threshold (1%)
- Cost effective
- Intuitive navigation
- Crompton Instruments brand quality
- UK manufactured
- Easy "clip-in" panel mounting

- IEC 61326
- IEC 61010-1
- IEC 62053-21
- RoHS compliant

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