KCVA17x Series

  • Precision Generator kVAr Load Protection, not affected by heavily distorted waveforms
  • Total processing time less than 50mS
  • 3 or 4-wire systems. Definite time trip delays
  • 2-level overload protection (F version)
  • Fast response analogue kVAr-signal output, <50mS
  • Wide range setting of overload contact hysteresis
  • Optional DIN96 Slave Indicator with status LEDs
The digital controlled KCVA17x range provides precision (1.0%) reverse reactive power and overload protection and monitoring of three phase generators.

The unit measures the voltage and current true r.m.s. value, and accuracy is independent of any wave form distortion. The auxiliary voltage is supplied from the unit voltage input. A DC auxiliary voltage input is optionally available.

A green LED indicates POWER on. Start of monitoring function is delayed when power is switched on (default 2 secs delay). In this way false tripping during power up is avoided.

The DIN-rail mounted instrument reads the power level directly in kVAr. The Slave kVAr-meter and the triple-zone status LEDs at a glance gives the clear safety message: REVERSE/NORMAL /OVERLOAD.

Relay Outputs
The basic unit has relay outputs for Reverse Power (R3), Overload (R2) and R/P Status (R1). In F-versions R2 trips on O/L1 setting, R3 trips on O/L2 setting. The R/P relay is fail to safety configured. A trip LED flashes when the trip level is passed, the relay trips after elapsed delay. The timer resets if the fault is removed during countdown. Hysteresis, Trip levels and delays are settable on unit front.
3-wire configuration. Reverse power relay (R3) is used to trip the generator breaker. The overload relay (R1) can be used for non-essential load release or as start signal to standby generator etc. A wide range overload hysteresis can be set to enable R1 to be used for non-essential load to be reconnected or as standby generator stop signal. Relay R2 is intended for notification of a reverse power condition, or can be used for local indication, as input to an alarm system etc. R2 and R3 will latch after trip.

Similar to KCW171C, but for 4-wire configuration.

3-wire configuration. The unit is similar to KCVA171C, but R1 is not used for reverse power notification, but as Overload 2 trip relay. R2 and R3 are non-latching and have a 10% fixed hysteresis.

Similar to KCVA171F, but for 4-wire configuration.

3-wire configuration. The unit is similar to KCVA171C, but also includes an analogue output proportional to the generator kVAr-load.

Similar to KCVA176A, but for 4-wire configuration.

3-wire configuration. The unit is similar to KCVA171F but also includes an analogue output proportional to the generator kVAr-load.

Similar to KCVA176F, but for 4-wire configuration.
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