MXR845x Series

MXR845Cx/Dx - New Digitally Controlled Electronic Potentiometer
  • -2/10V and 4-20mA outputs match any governor
  • User settable Offset, Span and Response
  • Instant reset gives full control of engine restart
  • Power capacity limiting function
  • Accuracy within 0.5 milliV and 5 microA increments
  • Ultra reliable, no moving part
Designed for use with Megacon synchronising and load sharing units. MXR845C will accept any volt free input such as push buttons or PLC digital outputs. Offset, Span, Ramp range and 4-step output matching resistance are user setable to suit any specific characteristic. Four output resistance levels are available together with two ramp ranges (rate 1 or 2). The 4-20mA output follows the –2 to 10V output, and can be used independently or both at the same time. The two outputs are NOT galvanically isolated from each other. See "MXR845C application note" for further details. Reset-signal to terminal "12" will instantly restore the unit to the "offset" output level.

Precision accuracy and stability within 0.5mV and 5ìA increments, even during engine crank brown-out.

Isolated and fully protected outputs. Instant automatic reset gives full control of generator restart. Flame retardant enclosure (UL-94, V1 & V2).

Fit-and-forget reliability. Superiority to motorised potentiometers. No moving parts, no detoriation of performance. The compact MXR845C sets the standard, simply the best.

Span range can be set to limit output capacity of engine driven generators paralleled to a constant-frequency source (grid, shaft generator etc.).

Compatible with:
Cummins EFC Interface
Barber Coleman Dyna 1/1068 Interface
GAC ESD5500 Interface
Heinzman Interface
Woodward EPG Interface
Woodward 2301A Interface

DIN Rail mounted, 55mm wide
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