KCG593x Series

  • Protects a paralleled generator from feeding power into a non-line grid (3-wire or 4-wire systems)
  • Generator to Grid Protection
  • Rate of Change of Frequency (R.O.C.O.F / df/dt)
  • Step Phase Angle - Vector Shift
  • Triple relay operation
  • Adjustable Supervision delay
The KCG593x detects Rate Of Change Of Frequency and Step Phase Angle (Vector shift) for private generation connected to mains supply to protect generator from feeding power into a non-live grid.

As standard auxiliary voltage is taken from the monitored voltage. Work condition and trip status is indicated by two LED's.

An inhibit input is controlled by auxiliary contacts on the generator and mains breakers so that the relay outputs are only enabled when both breakers are closed.

An adjustable Supervision delay is fitted to overcome spurious tripping that may occur when synchronising with the mains.

Typical trip times are 20-50mS for step phase angle change and 200-300mS for rate of change of frequency.

Auxiliary supply and monitored inputs can be from the same source, as shown, or independent (DC).

(KCG593A & KCG593B: 3 phase 3-wire configuration)
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