IMA95 - Power Test Simulator
IMA95 is one in a range of Megacon's transportable test simulators. This unit is specifically designed for testing of Megacon's or other brands range of protective guards, controllers and regulators for marine generator and power plant automation systems (current, current differential, overcurrent and short circuit, active (kW) and reactive (VAr) power, power overload, reverse power, load sharing, voltage, earth fault etc).

IMA95 is used for general testing and calibration of AC ammeters and voltmeters, watt-, VAr- and cos phi-meters, measuring converters (transducers) for AC current, AC voltage, single phase or three phase 3-wire balanced and unbalanced active (W) and reactive power (VAr), energy (Wh), power factor, etc.

IMA95 has input over-voltage protection. Its phase sequence monitor verifies that all voltage and current outputs have correct R-S-T sequence, configuration and phase relationship. All current outputs are galvanically isolated from the mains supply. Voltage outputs are NOT isolated from the mains supply.
3- and 4-wire isolated outputs are optionally available, using POTENTIAL ISOLATOR IMA133.
  • Three phase line voltage input:
    200-240V and 380-460V, 50/60Hz (115V and 690V optional with the IMA133 transformer)

  • Three phase current outputs:
    Individually adjustable 0-15A (depending on setting of the adjustable voltage knob)

  • 3-wire line voltage outputs (All values given for zero load):
    Variable 0-250V or 250-500V range
    Maximum output voltage depends on the input voltage:
    Example 1: I/P: 220V or 440V gives app. range of 0-265V and 225-485V output
    Example 2: I/P: 380V gives app. range of 0-225V and 190-417V

    Fixed 230 and 440V output. (Also depending on input voltage)
    For input range 200-240V the fixed outputs will be: 230V = I/P  x 1, 440V = I/P x 2

    For input range 380-460V the fixed outputs will be: 440V = I/P : 1, 230V = I/P : 2
    Example 1: I/P: 220V gives fixed 220V and 440V output
    Example 2: I/P: 400V gives fixed 200V and 400V output
H: 180mm, W: 460mm, D: 245mm


IMA133 is inserted between the supply and IMA95 input terminals.
  • Full safety-transformer isolation of ALL IMA95 outputs
  • 3-wire (delta) and 4-wire (star) voltage outputs with phase-linear neutral
  • Available for 115, 230V, 440V or 690V supply voltage
H: 180mm, W: 100mm, D: 150mm



Transit / Storage Container
IMA95 is optionally available inserted into a heavy-duty aluminium container. The container has robust handles at each end, toggle catches with wire seal facility, and its interior is lined with high density foam.

L: 580mm, W: 385mm, H: 350mm



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